Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences

In the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Smita Memorial Hospital & Research Centre , we prioritize mental health as an integral part of comprehensive patient care. In a general hospital setting, our Consultation Liaison Psychiatry plays a crucial role, addressing the complex interplay between physical and mental well-being. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that patients receive holistic care, taking into account psychiatric factors that may impact their overall health.


Consultation Liaison Psychiatry:

In instances of secondary problems such as delirium or co-existing psychiatric illnesses, our Consultation Liaison Psychiatry services come into play. We address issues such as post-operative psychosis, personality traits affecting treatment compliance, and psychological reactions to medical illnesses or complications.


Outpatient Psychiatry Services:

Our daily Psychiatry Outpatient Department (OPD) caters to individuals seeking help for various psychiatric disorders. We offer treatment and counseling for conditions such as Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety Disorders, Addictions, and sexual dysfunctions.


Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessments:

Smita Hospital provides comprehensive psychiatric assessments for individuals of all age groups. Our team adopts a multispecialty approach to manage common and enduring mental illnesses, offering specialist services in Neuropsychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Memory Clinics, Liaison Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry.



Addressing the intricate connection between psychiatric and neurological conditions, our Neuropsychiatry services focus on disorders affecting both the mind and the brain.


Child Psychiatry:

Specialized care for children with mental health concerns, ensuring early intervention and tailored treatment plans.


Memory Clinics:

Dedicated to the assessment and management of memory-related issues, our Memory Clinics provide specialized care for individuals facing cognitive challenges.

Procedures Performed:


Psychological Assessment:

Our team conducts thorough psychological assessments using standardized tests, interviews, and observations to aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.



Offering various therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic therapy, to address psychological factors influencing a patient’s condition.


Family Therapy:

Recognizing the importance of family dynamics, our Family Therapy services aim to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and support the overall well-being of the patient and their loved ones.


Clinical Psychologist:


The Clinical Psychologist at Smita Hospital plays a pivotal role in the Psychiatry Department, contributing to the holistic care and treatment of individuals with mental health concerns. Key aspects of their role include –

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Clinical psychologists conduct thorough assessments to understand the psychological, emotional, and cognitive aspects of a patient’s mental health. They use various standardized tests, interviews, and observations to assist in diagnostic processes.
  • Treatment Planning: Collaborating with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, clinical psychologists contribute to the development of comprehensive treatment plans. They provide valuable insights into psychological factors influencing a patient’s condition.
  • Psychotherapy/Counseling: Clinical psychologists are trained in various therapeutic modalities, and they often provide psychotherapy or counselling to individuals, couples, or groups. This can include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, or other evidence-based approaches.
  • Behavioural Interventions: Implementing behavioural interventions, clinical psychologists work with patients to identify and modify maladaptive behaviours. This may involve strategies such as behaviour modification, exposure therapy, or desensitization techniques.
  • Crisis Intervention: During psychiatric crises or emergencies, clinical psychologists can provide immediate psychological support and crisis intervention. They may play a role in risk assessment and developing safety plans.
  • Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Team: Clinical psychologists collaborate closely with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and other members of the mental health team. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s needs and effective coordination of care.
  • Patient Education: Offering psychoeducation to patients and their families, clinical psychologists help enhance understanding of mental health conditions, treatment options, and coping strategies. This education fosters empowerment and active participation in the treatment process.
  • Research and Program Development: Some clinical psychologists in hospital settings engage in research activities related to mental health, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field. They may also be involved in developing and implementing mental health programs.
  • Outcome Monitoring: Clinical psychologists play a role in monitoring treatment progress and outcomes. They may use standardized assessment tools to evaluate changes in symptoms, functioning, and overall well-being.
  • Prevention and Wellness Promotion: Beyond treatment, clinical psychologists contribute to preventive efforts and wellness promotion. They may be involved in designing programs aimed at preventing mental health issues and promoting overall mental well-being.


In collaboration with our expert psychiatrists, our Clinical Psychologist ensures that every patient receives personalized, evidence-based, and comprehensive mental health care. At Smita Memorial Hospital, we are committed to addressing the diverse needs of our community, fostering mental well-being, and providing support for individuals on their journey to recovery.

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Patient Testimonials

I never thought that i will be able to make through this disease but because of Dr. Suresh Advani's Guidance & Treatment finally I am Cancer Free. He is such an amazing doctor with the happy soul. I can go on and on if I started talking about him.

Hussian Tegally Mauritius

Never saw such a big person with such a humble heart. He is an incredible person. Always smiling and motivating. He helped me to get healed with a positive attitude, which I am going to apply in my life as well.

Oreyemi Oshaba Nigeria

It was my first visit with Dr. Suresh Advani and I must say he is an amazing doctor. So humble and down to earth. Getting treatment under him was a life-changing experience we can’t even thank him enough because of him now I am living a healthy and happy life.

Shirin Akter Bangladesh

I was diagnosed with cancer in Chennai and I was not satisfied with treatment. I took second opinion from Dr. Suresh Advani and now I am continuing my treatment in my local hospital with treatment plan provided by Dr. Suresh Advani.

Vidaya Laxmi India

Very good experienced doctor. I can say master in oncology field. Dr. Advani have provided proper guidance to my 8 year Kid who was suffering from Bilateral Neuroblastoma

Hitesh Gandhi India