Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Shebin George
Primary Specialty Medical Oncology
Experience 1 year Senior Residency at Amala Institute of Medical Sciences in Department of Radiation Oncology.
Education & Training
Education MBBS (CMC, Ludhiana)
MD Radiation Oncology (CMC, Ludhiana)
DrNB Medical Oncology (Prince Ali Khan Hospital, Mumbai



A medical oncologist with good experience in treating both solid (lungs,breast,colon, stomach etc) and blood malignancy (Lymphoma, lukemia, multiple mycloma etc). He is well updated in all the current methods of cancer diagnosis, screening and preventive oncology. Experienced in providing all modalities of cancer care in Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and good supportive care. His experience in radiation oncology is an added benefit in guiding patients for the best possible care. He is a member of international oncology association ASCO (AMERICATE SOCIETY OF MEDICAL ONCOLOGY) and ESMO(EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL ONCOLOGY).


precision Oncology (molecular profiling of tumors to identify targetable alterations also known as personalised medicine)