Department of Laboratory Medicine

The department of laboratory medicine at SMHRC provides 24 x 7 comprehensive diagnostic service. Precise and accurate report are generated to help the clinicians in proper patient management with the support of dedicated technical staff and latest technologies and infrastructure. The lab adheres to stringent external and internal quality control parameters.The Department carries out all the tests in the sections of Hematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Cytopathology and cell block study, Immunohistochemistry(IHC),Clinical Pathology, Serology, Immunology and Microbiology. Blood storage unit is also next to the Central Laboratory.

Pathology Department

The Department is open all twenty-four hours all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year and all the tests are done as and when the need is for the patient on Outpatient basis or in patient basis.The samples on outpatient basis and in-patient basis are accepted round the clock by the Department and the processing of the test is done as per the request of the patient or the clinician.


The results of the routine in-patients’ investigations are displayed “on line” in the wards and the ICUs of the Hospital.The turnaround time is faster than that of most other laboratories in the city.The department has all modern state of art auto analyzers. All equipment is well maintained.There are multiple quality checks and the Department goes through internal, external quality assurance programs and also does inter laboratory comparative assays to maintain the quality of reports issued to the patients.


Special tests are performed as per the laboratory schedule but on patient’s request or clinician’s request the service is provided under certain conditions.Reports are dispatched on the same day for all routine tests and on scheduled days as per the protocols of special tests.The Department has a team of senior Doctor, well qualified and trained technicians in the Department to man the Department round the clock.

Microbiology Department

Medical Microbiology is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Microbiology laboratory provides advanced and novel diagnostic tests. The department consists of a dedicated team of well qualified senior Doctor, experienced and trained technicians.The services provided in the laboratory are Bacteriology, Mycology, Serology, and Mycobacteriology. The department is equipped with advanced equipments including an automated blood culture system (Bact/Alert 3D) and automated microbial identification and sensitivity system (Vitek 2 compact).


Laboratory provides diagnostic services to the clinical management of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Clinical microbiologists are involved in the selection, performance and interpretation of diagnostic tests, ensuring the quality and accuracy of results, which is crucial in determining the appropriate treatment and management of infectious diseases.


Department of Clinical Microbiology follows strict quality control and assurance measures to ensure accuracy and reliability of test results. The department participates 

in proficiency testing programs and follows standard operating procedures to maintain the highest level of quality in its services. 


The accurate and timely diagnosis of infectious diseases by the department allows for prompt initiation of appropriate treatment, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes. The department works hand in hand with infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship programmes in our hospital.