Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Centre

We have an exclusive centre for emergency response to patients requiring urgent & immediate treatment. Smita Memorial Hospital & Research Centre’s Trauma/ Emergency Care is world class with round the clock availability, access to modern operation theatre’s, 24 hours pharmacy, imaging and diagnostic centres.

The doctors and support staff here are well trained and equipped to handle any emergency. This goes a long way in ensuring that the patient is given prompt and accurate treatment.



The Center is equipped to handle all emergencies ranging from minor to major medical and accident emergencies f any age group. The practice of emergency medicine includes the initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of any patient requiring expeditious medical or surgical care with the coordination of care among multiple providers.It also provides Emergency care for elderly / handicapped, terminally ill or patients with multi-system failures,Treatment of mass causalities and disaster victims. Simple procedures like wound suturing, incision and drainage, dressing, application of plaster of Paris casts are also done in the ER Dept in addition to Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, securing central venous access, facility for treating poly -trauma and severe head injuries. 


Facilities & Services

Request Ambulance

A request for an ambulance can be made on a payment basis on the following number :

Our Doctors

Dr. Mathews Jose

Emergency and Trauma Care

Dr. S. Azarudeen

Emergency and Trauma Care

Dr. Mohamed Azharuddin

Emergency and Trauma Care

Dr. M. Sheik Ansari

Patient Testimonials

I never thought that i will be able to make through this disease but because of Dr. Suresh Advani's Guidance & Treatment finally I am Cancer Free. He is such an amazing doctor with the happy soul. I can go on and on if I started talking about him.

Hussian Tegally Mauritius

Never saw such a big person with such a humble heart. He is an incredible person. Always smiling and motivating. He helped me to get healed with a positive attitude, which I am going to apply in my life as well.

Oreyemi Oshaba Nigeria

It was my first visit with Dr. Suresh Advani and I must say he is an amazing doctor. So humble and down to earth. Getting treatment under him was a life-changing experience we can’t even thank him enough because of him now I am living a healthy and happy life.

Shirin Akter Bangladesh

I was diagnosed with cancer in Chennai and I was not satisfied with treatment. I took second opinion from Dr. Suresh Advani and now I am continuing my treatment in my local hospital with treatment plan provided by Dr. Suresh Advani.

Vidaya Laxmi India

Very good experienced doctor. I can say master in oncology field. Dr. Advani have provided proper guidance to my 8 year Kid who was suffering from Bilateral Neuroblastoma

Hitesh Gandhi India