Social Initiatives

The Social Service Department of Smita Memorial Hospital serves the health needs of all the needy people irrespective of their class,caste,religion or social background. This department seeks to bridge the gap between the needy patients and the fast evolving medical technology.  The Social Service Department has been set up with the aim of helping cancer patients and other needy poor patients.

In India, changing lifestyle has led to a sharp increase in the incidence of Breast Cancer. And unfortunately, most women see a doctor when the cancer has already reached an advanced stage. Due to late diagnosis, mortality rate on account of Breast Cancer is very high in India.The only way to save the unfortunate victims is to detect the disease early,  recommends Mammography every year after the age of 40.

To propagate awareness about breast cancer and to encourage women to get them checked regularly, the Social Service Department and NGO ‘Helping Hand” have started a unique initiative that “ If women won’t go to the hospital, let us get the hospital to them”

Helping Hand is a Mumbai based NGO initiated by Mrs.Geeta S Advani and Dr.Suresh H Advani  to care for and to support cancer patients and their families. ‘Helping Hand’ opened its branch at Smita Hospital in 2022 and is involved in conducting more than 200 medical camps, awareness programs and blood donation camps in the last 2 years. 

Social Welfare Program & Camps

Screening Medical Camp at Adoormala

Screening camp at Kaippa

Screening Camp at Malankara