The Department of Cardiac Sciences at Smita Memorial Hospital is your Destination for Comprehensive Cardiac Care. Our highly specialized Department of Cardiac Sciences is at the forefront of managing a spectrum of cardiac disorders, ranging from coronary artery diseases, valvular heart diseases, and congenital cardiac diseases to cardiac rhythm disorders and heart failure. At Smita Memorial Hospital, we adhere to the latest international guidelines set by the American Heart Association (AHA) in performing all cardiac procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care.We provide broad range of services from exclusive cardiac health check up to various complex cardiac and vascular interventions. We have a dedicated 10 bedded coronary care unit with pre and post op areas. We are running 24×7 Primary Angioplasty Program for all patients with acute myocardial infraction.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our broad range of services, from exclusive cardiac health check-ups to complex cardiac and vascular interventions. We take pride in being a leader in introducing several groundbreaking procedures in Idukki district, including:


  • First case of Radiofrequency Ablation for cardiac arrhythmia
  • First case of Cerebral aneurysm coiling
  • First case of Device closure for congenital heart disease
  • First case of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
  • First case of Rotablation
  • First case of EP study and Radiofrequency Ablation
  • First case of Intracardiac Defibrillator
  • First case of Bluetooth-enabled dual-chamber intracardiac defibrillator
  • First case of new generation Bioabsorbable stent
  • First case of Patent Foramen Ovale Device Closure
  • First case of Atrial Septal Device Closure
  • First case of Leadless Pacemaker
  • First case of Cerebral Aneurysm Coiling
  • First case of Intracranial Flow Diverter
  • First case of 3D Mapping and Radiofrequency ablation
  • First case of Left Bundle Branch Pacemaker
  • First case of Penumbra aspiration in Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • First case of Intracoronary Lithotripsy
  • First case of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)

Facilities & Services

Cutting-Edge Facilities for Superior Care- Our state-of-the-art facilities include a Cardiac Catheterization Lab equipped with the Philips Azurion 7C20 system with Flex Vision, capable of performing the most complex cardio, neuro, and vascular procedures. Other cutting-edge technologies in our department include the Philips Affinity CVx Ultrasound system, Philips CX50 Portable Ultrasound system, Philips ST80i Stress test system (TMT), and Philips 860322 Digitrack XT holter recorder.



Comprehensive Outpatient Services – We offer a range of outpatient services, including exclusive Cardiac Health Packages, Chest Pain Clinic, Heart Failure Clinic, Pacemaker Clinic, 2D Echo Cardiography, Colour Doppler Imaging, Tissue Doppler Imaging, Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography, 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Holter monitoring (24hrs -7 days), Cardiac stress tests, Treadmill Test, and Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography.



Interventional Excellence – Our Interventional Services cover a wide array of procedures, including Coronary Angiogram, 24/7 Primary Angioplasty, and complex coronary angioplasties such as Left main coronary artery stenting, Bifurcation stenting, and Chronic total occlusion.



Implantation of Cardiac Devices- We specialize in the implantation of various cardiac devices, including Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators (ICDs), and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT-P/CRT-D).



Vascular Procedures – Our expertise extends to vascular procedures such as Implantation of IVC filters, Catheter-guided pulmonary artery thrombolysis, Peripheral angiogram, Peripheral angioplasty, Aortic stenting, Renal artery stenting, AV fistuloplasty for dialysis patients, and Varicose vein treatment.



Electrophysiology Studies & Radiofrequency Ablation – For cardiac arrhythmias, we offer Electrophysiology Studies and Radiofrequency Ablation, ensuring precise diagnosis and effective treatment.


Choose Smita Memorial Hospital’s Department of Cardiac Sciences for world-class cardiac care delivered with precision, expertise, and compassion. Your heart health is our top priority

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

The 8-Bedded Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at Smita Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, a specialized facility designed to provide advanced care for patients with cardiac conditions. Our CCU is committed to delivering immediate and comprehensive cardiac care, ensuring the best outcomes for individuals experiencing heart-related emergencies.


State-of-the-Art Facility: Our 8-Bedded CCU is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and monitoring systems to provide high-quality cardiac care. The facility is designed to meet the unique needs of patients with acute cardiac issues, offering a healing environment focused on rapid intervention and recovery.


Specialized Cardiac Care Team: At the core of our CCU is a highly skilled and specialized team of cardiac care professionals, including cardiologists, cardiac nurses, intensivists, and support staff. This dedicated team has extensive experience in managing critical cardiac conditions and is committed to providing timely and effective care.


Immediate Response to Cardiac Emergencies: The CCU is strategically located for immediate response to cardiac emergencies, ensuring that patients receive prompt attention and interventions. Our team is trained to handle a wide range of cardiac emergencies, including heart attacks, arrhythmias, and heart failure.


Comprehensive Cardiac Monitoring: Patients in the CCU benefit from continuous cardiac monitoring using advanced telemetry and hemodynamic monitoring systems. This allows our healthcare providers to closely track heart function, detect changes in real-time, and respond swiftly to any abnormalities.


Services Offered in CCU:

– Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Management: Immediate intervention and treatment for patients experiencing a heart attack.

– Arrhythmia Management: Specialized care for individuals with irregular heart rhythms requiring close monitoring and treatment.

– Heart Failure Management: Comprehensive care for patients experiencing heart failure, including medications, monitoring, and support.

– Post-Cardiac Procedure Recovery: Care for individuals recovering from cardiac interventions such as angioplasty, stent placement, or other cardiac procedures.

– Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS): Our CCU is equipped to provide advanced life support for critical cardiac emergencies.

– Round-the-Clock Care:The 8-Bedded CCU operates 24/7, ensuring continuous monitoring, immediate response to emergencies, and round-the-clock availability of skilled healthcare professionals. This allows us to address cardiac issues promptly and provide timely interventions.


Patient-Focused Approach: Our CCU follows a patient-focused approach, prioritizing clear communication with patients and their families. We understand the anxiety associated with cardiac conditions, and our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and supportive care throughout the patient’s stay in the CCU.


At Smita Memorial Hospital, our 8-Bedded CCU exemplifies our commitment to excellence in cardiac care. We strive to provide a safe and healing environment for individuals facing cardiac emergencies, offering timely interventions and personalized care for optimal recovery.

Non Invasive Cardiology

The Non-Invasive Cardiology Department at Smita Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, is where excellence in cardiac care meets cutting-edge technology. Our department stands at the forefront of cardiac diagnostics and imaging, offering a comprehensive range of non-invasive services delivered by a team of renowned cardiologists and skilled technicians.


Leaders in Cardiovascular Care: Smita Hospital takes pride in hosting one of the leading Non-Invasive Cardiology Departments in the country. Renowned cardiologists with expertise in various cardiac specialties are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and world-class care to patients with cardiac concerns.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Services: Our Non-Invasive Cardiology Department provides an array of state-of-the-art diagnostic services to accurately assess and diagnose cardiac conditions. 


ECG (Electrocardiogram): A standard test to record the electrical activity of the heart and identify any irregularities.


Stress Test: Evaluates the heart’s performance under stress, aiding in the detection of coronary artery disease.


Echo/Doppler: Utilizing ultrasound technology to create detailed images of the heart’s structure and assess blood flow.


Echo with Contrast: Enhances imaging clarity for a more detailed evaluation of cardiac structures.


Transesophageal Echo (TEE): Provides a closer view of the heart by inserting a probe through the esophagus, aiding in complex diagnoses.


Dobutamine Echo: Evaluates heart function during stress using a medication to simulate exercise.


3D Echo: Creates three-dimensional images for a more comprehensive assessment of cardiac anatomy.


Exercise Stress Echo: Monitors heart function during physical activity, helping in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.


Saline Contrast Study: Enhances the detection of certain heart abnormalities.


Holter Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of heart activity over 24 hours for the assessment of irregularities.


24-Hour Ambulatory BP Monitoring: Measures blood pressure at regular intervals to provide a comprehensive view of daily variations.


Electrophysiology Lab: Specialized procedures to diagnose and treat cardiac rhythm disorders.


Portable Services for Inpatients: Recognizing the unique needs of our inpatients, most of our non-invasive cardiology services are available in portable form. This ensures that even during hospital stays, patients can receive timely and efficient diagnostic assessments tailored to their condition.


Advanced Techniques in Interventional Cardiology: Our hospital is equipped to perform the latest techniques in the field of pacing and coronary angioplasties. This reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced and effective treatments available.


Patient-Centric Approach: At Smita Memorial Hospital, we prioritize a patient-centric approach, ensuring that individuals receive not only accurate diagnoses but also compassionate care throughout their cardiac health journey. Our Non-Invasive Cardiology Department is dedicated to providing a seamless and comfortable experience for every patient.


Dr. Praveen Chacko


Dr. Praveen Chacko, MBBS,MD,DM,(Cardiology)
Primary specialty: consultant interventional cardiologist

Dr. Praveen has about 10+ years of experience in various hospitals in Kerala
Including Believers Church Medical College – Thiruvalla, Government Medical College – Kottayam. He also takes academic sessions for undergraduates, postgraduates and nursing students. 

His areas of interest includes Acute coronary syndromes, Newer imaging modalities OCT, IVUS, complex angioplasty like Left main stenting, Rotablation, Aortic stenting and Device Implantations ( Permanent Pacemaker, ICD, CRT)